Conventional pencils made from wood can become a cause of deforestation. While one pencil cannot do much harm, the cumulative effect on the environment can be immense. To reduce the impact on the environment, we bring plantable pencils made from recycled paper. These pencils are made from recycled papers which are sourced from landfills. These pencils provide two benefits - lesser wood consumption and a reduction in paper waste from landfills. 

These plantable seed pencils have a seed attached at the bottom of the pencil. Once you have used it enough, plant the pencil in a pot in such a way that the seed is buried in the soil. Give this plant adequate sunlight and water. You will see it grow in just a week.

The tube containing 12 pencils can become an excellent gift item for all the kids in your family. You can customise the tube with the receiver's name. It will make your gift extra special.

Even enterprises can use these pencils to promote their brand. Although, people associate pencils with school kids, a lot of adults use them as well. Hence, it will make a great promotional item. Simply adding a logo or other branding elements will increase its value.

So, wait no more and order these plantable seed pencils now! 

Branding size: 5H x 1.75W (in inches)



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