Pen and pencil are the most frequently used stationery items.  Everyone, right from school going kids to working professionals use them. Imagine the amount of harm caused by these plastic pens and wooden pencils to our environment. What would you do to contribute towards sustainability at an individual level? The answer is quite simple – switch to eco-friendly and sustainable stationery items right away!

Our Plantable Tube Set consists of 5 Plantable Seed Pencils and 5 Plantable Pens, which are all made from recycled paper. These eco-friendly pens and pencils are embedded with different kinds of seeds which sprout into plants when provided with soil and water. When the pencil gets too short to be used, put the plantable pencil’s bottom edge into the soil with the tip facing upward and water it regularly. The same goes with plantable pens - When you’re done using it, simply plant the outer covering and watch it sprout.

The enterprises can leverage eco-friendly pens and pencils as a great promotional and corporate gift. Customizing plantable tube set online is as easy as it can get. All you need to do is upload your logo or text on our website. Your logo will be added on the tube and any person who gets it will think about your brand. It will help you connect with your audience as an environmentally responsible brand. 

You can even order the plantable tube sets in bulk.

Branding size: 10 CM (H) x 4.5 CM (W)



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