Personalized Pop-up Calendar Cube

Pop up cube calendars can be a creative and innovative gift for your clients. Apart from looking stylish, the pop-up cube calendars are an important accessory for your everyday needs. These calendars are a novel way of creating a lasting impression on your clients.

The stylish pop-up cube calendar do not occupy much space but at the same time makes your desk look elegant. 3 months each are printed on the 4 sides of the calendar and 2 of the sides contain design elements. 

Online Pop-up Cube Calendar

You do not have to flip through pages to mark the calendar, just rotate it to go to the relevant date. The pop-up cube calendars are a creative way to market your own brand as well by adding the logo of your company to the design.

The pop-up cube calendar are a creative desktop display idea. You can also personalize the pop-up cube calendar design to add a personal touch to make your clients feel important.  With PrintStop, it is easy to upload your calendar designs or select from our range of online pop-up cube templates to select a suitable design.



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