Rubber Band Diary Printing. 50 Diaries starting Rs 12850.

The rubber band diary is the ideal combination of good looks and utility. It is a great option for professionals to jot down notes and organize their work. The rubber band not only help to keep the book closed but also can be used as a bookmark. The rubber band diary can also be used for marketing your brand due to its unique looks. It is also a great option for personal and corporate gifting.
It is easy to carry and made with the finest quality paper for smooth writing. The adhesive binding secures all the pages of the diary so that none of them are lost.


Print Rubber Band Diaries Online

We offer a range of ready-made designs for rubber band diary printing. You can also customize them with artwork and company logos to personalize your printed rubber band diaries. To look through our templates please click here.
You can also get your own unique rubber band diary for printing by submitting your own design for its covers.

Each of the printed diaries will contain a total of 160 sides.

  • 132 black and white line ruled sides 

  • 24 sides of the monthly organizer

  • 1 page for your personal information

  • 1 page of Year 2023 calendar

  • 1 page of Year 2024 calendar

  • 1 page of Year 2023 Holidays

Features of the Rubber Band Diaries

Timeline for Rubber Band Diaries

will ship out in
15 days
(Mon - Sat)