Staying hydrated by consuming an adequate amount of fluids is essential to stay healthy. While travelling or working for a full day from your office, carrying your drinks or beverages becomes difficult. Your bottle might leak and spoil your belongings. This problem can be solved with the Gothic stainless steel bottle.

The bottle is made from high grade 304 stainless steel. There is no plastic, making it safe to drink your water or other beverages from it. 

It is made with the latest vacuum technology and can be used to carry hot and cold liquids. The stainless steel bottle can retain a temperature of about 18 hours. 

Bottle lid also serves as a cup. So, if you want to have your coffee or tea while travelling, you can just remove the lid, pour your drink and sip from it. There’s no need to carry a cup.

The bottle has a capacity of 500 ml. It is versatile and can be used at home, gyms, office or college.

This stainless steel bottle is a good product for organisations who want to market themselves to a large number of people. There is a large branding area to make your logo or company’s name clearly visible. And since most of the people use bottles, they will think about your company each time they take a sip from it. 


Brand: Urban Gear
Product Name:
500 ml
Colours: Blue and Red
Branding size: 30 MM (W) x 120 MM (H) 
Personalisation technology: Laser Engraving



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 05 days
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