Are you looking for a stylish alternative to carry your laptop? We bring you the Rejean Patch Pocket Detail Upcycled Denim laptop bag; a fashionable solution for your everyday work routine. It is made using recycled denim fabric of top-notch quality. Made with the motive of redesigning and repurposing the materials used, this bag is completely eco-friendly. There is no waste produced in making the denim bag. The upcycled denim bag requires less energy consumption. It is handmade and crafted by local artisans and does not require any energy-intensive machines. It is completely bio-degradable and reusable. The bag is also extremely lightweight and durable. 
The patch pocket design and attached sling make it a style statement. People from different work backgrounds can use the bag for their daily commuting. It is very compact but spacious, having enough space to accommodate all your important accessories including laptops. It has a coloured zip pocket for quick access. The bag is unisex, so everyone can carry it without any hesitation. 
Businesses looking for an eco-friendly promotional gift can buy the Rejean patch pocket denim laptop bag. It will serve two purposes at a time. Apart from promoting your business or brand, it also helps in building a brand image. Businesses that opt for sustainable gifting options over conventional products are preferred. It will give you an added advantage over your competitors. So buy the customised denim laptop bag and promote your business sustainably. 

Personalisation type : Vinyl Print 
Branding Area : 6' (W) x 6' (H) 



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 07 Days