ClanEarth Amur backpack is a great eco-friendly alternative to our standard laptop backpacks. It is a great travel laptop backpack that lets you go around the world without harming it. Named after the Amur Leopard, this bag is strong and sturdy, just like its namesake.

This ClanEarth Amur Backpack features tons of additional storage in the form of the organiser, front pocket, and an internal zipped pocket (an additional secret pocket). The secret zipped pocket is big as an entire section and gives you a safe space to store all important documents.

The ClanEarth Amur backpack is made from waxed canvas which is a vegan, water-resistant natural fabric used in military bags for centuries. They offer great functionality and are extremely sturdy.

The sleek water resistant canvas backpack design stores a lot but doesn't look bulky. Also, the design is highly functional and fun. The ClanEarth Amur backpack also has premium YKK chains, and best-quality metal fittings.

Branding area: 3.5 (W) x 3.5 (H) inch
Personalisation type: Fusing
Colour: Charcoal Black, Lava Grey, and Cherry Red
Material: Waterproof Canvas
Fits laptops upto 15.6 inches 

Do not wash your bags in washing machine or in a bucket. If stained or dirty, gently dab a piece of cloth in cold water and rub gently on the bag stain. You may use a little bit of gentle liquid soap. Allow it to dry naturally and away from direct sunlight.
Do not store your bag directly if wet, let it dry off completely before storing




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