Pens do a lot more than just write. Good quality premium pens are associated with class, sophistication and elegance. Hence, whenever we see top-level professional signing a document or writing something important, they are always using premium pens. So, if you also want to add a touch of elegance, we have the perfect product for you, the Gold Edition of our Estilo Roller Pen.

These roller pens give you an effortless writing experience with its liquid ink that glides smoothly on the paper. The ink also dries quickly on paper to give you a smudge-free experience.

This pen is a great choice for brands that are looking to connect with a set of high-performing individuals. This roller pen will appeal to everyone and anyone. When customised with the recipient's name, they become extra special. Even organisations can give these pens as gifts to their employees. This will motivate them to perform better. 

The Estilo Roller pens, customised with a company's name can be given as a gift or a memento during corporate events. This can work wonders to create your brand presence. 

So, if you are looking for a pen to promote your brand, your search ends here. Buy customised roller pens now. 

Colour: Black and Gold
Branding area: 4 CM (W)
Personalisation technology: Laser engraving
Branding color : Golden



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