Need a break from the usual monotonous work look? Try the super stylish denim laptop bag from Rejean. The laptop bag is made using premium quality up-cycled denim fabric. The bag promotes a zero waste journey, which means you can reuse and repurpose the materials. The product is made from waste/surplus denim, thus saving it from going to landfills. 

One of the exclusive features of the denim bag is that it is handmade and crafted by local artisans. It is not made with energy-intensive machines. The stylish design and perfect finish make it an appropriate choice for outdoor looks. 

The denim bag is lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it everywhere you go. People involved in intense fieldwork should invest in this denim bag. It is durable and compact. The bag has a laptop compartment and an adjustable strap to carry it conveniently. 

People who look forward to a sustainable future should buy this denim bag as it leaves a low carbon footprint. Also, businesses that aim to build a strong brand image can use the customised denim laptop bag to promote their business. A sustainable gift symbolises that your brand is futuristic in its approach and promotes sustainability. It has ample space for branding. You can use it as a promotional gift for your clients and employees. Customise the bag with your brand logo and create a strong brand presence. 

Branding area : 6' (W) x 6' (H)  
Personalisation type : Vinyl Print 



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 07 Days