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Get fun and quirky personalised coaster sets for your dining room, bar area, or office cubicles. These branded coaster sets are as beautiful as they are functional. These tea coasters are made out of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) which is a kind of engineered wood pressed into thin sheets. These will provide a safe landing spot for glasses or cups while protecting your furniture, table-tops, or any other surface from messy drips, spills, or condensation.

Companies can personalise them to include their artwork or logo and subsequently ensure maximum brand visibility. Customised coasters are perfect to be used as a corporate giveaway during an expo. Businesses can gift them during events such as seminars, trade shows, etc. Your customised coasters could land in the hands of your next potential client.

Customising tea coasters is simple using our website. Either browse through our wide range of ready-to-use coaster designs or upload your own design. Make sure your branding is clearly visible. 

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