UltraProlink Type C GigaHub is optimised to accommodate multiple devices and units within a single setup. It can be attached to keyboards, external hard drives, etc.  The GigaHub Type C with Ethernet can deliver upto 1Gbps of data and internet transfer speed. It is a plug & play device.  You don't need any drivers on your computer or laptop.

The USB Type c to ethernet adaptor has three USB 3.1 ports allowing you to connect multiple devices at the same time. 

The USB ports are compatible with older versions of the USB models. You can easily use USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices with GigaHub. GigaHub is a multi-platform solution that can easily work with either Windows, macOS, or Linux.

UltraProlink Type C GigaHub  is a device that will be useful for most of the people. With more and more devices coming with Type C compatibility, this USB type C ethernet adaptor gigahub will be a must have product.

Branding area: 2' (W) x 1' (H)
Personalisation type:  UV Printing
Colour: Grey Only

Warranty: One year replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. Please call or mail to our support centre info provided on the packaging or on the brand website. Reach us 24x7 via social media. Scan the QR code on the box to activate the warranty and get an extra 3 months warranty.

No claims will be entertained for defects occurring due to mishandling, physical damage of any kind of voltage fluctuations. It is advised to operate all electronic devices as per instructions given in the user manual. Plastics and liquids are not covered under any sort of warranty. Kindly refer to our detailed warranty policy.



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