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Step into the enchanting world of "Chocolate Berry Fusion" where delight knows no bounds. Unveil the unique symphony of flavors with the 4700 BC Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn, the luscious Hershey's Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar and the tantalizing Bean To Berries Chocolate Coated Blueberries. Journey further with the Open Secret Tandoori Mix Nuts, Ferrero Rocher 4 Piece Chocolates and the comforting notes of Sapphire Butter Cookies.

Experience a burst of innovation with Banner and Company Hot Truffle Popped Chips, perfectly complementing the wholesome delight of Oats & Seeds Cookies and Multigrain Cookies. This collection is a culinary masterpiece, blending delectable indulgence and savory surprises, ensuring every bite is an exploration of joy and flavor. This hamper's versatility makes it ideal for various occasions, including Diwali, Christmas, New Year's, work anniversaries, or other celebrations. Enjoy a journey of health-conscious indulgence with every bite.

Shelf Life: 6 months

1. Sapphire Butter Cookies
Brand: Sapphire
Weight: 150 grams

2. Banner and Company Hot Truffle Popped Chips
Brand: Banner & Company
Weight: 40 grams

3. Hersheys Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar
Brand: Hersheys
Weight: 40 grams

4. Ferrero Rocher 4 Piece Chocolates
Brand: Ferrero Rocher
Weight: 40 grams

5. Oats & Seeds and Multigrain cookies
Brand: Ancient Roots
Weight: 150 grams each
Each pack of 2

6. 4700 BC Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn
Brand: 4700 BC
Weight: 60 grams each

7. Open Secret Tandoori Mix Nuts
Brand: Open Secret
Weight: 60 grams each

8. Bean To Berries Chocolate Coated Blueberries
Brand: Bean To Berries
Weight: 80 grams

9. Wooden Tray - Large
Dimensions (L x W x H): 14 x 16 x 3 inches