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Celebrate the essence of womanhood with our exclusive Women's Day Gift Collection, a carefully curated ensemble that transcends ordinary gifting.

Garnier Face Mask: Indulge in a revitalizing treat that leaves her skin radiant and glowing—a journey of self-care and beauty.

Aromatic Candle: Illuminate her space with tranquility through our assorted Aromatic Candle—an embodiment of relaxation, casting a warm ambiance for moments of reflection and well-being.

Ferrero Rocher T8: Sweeten the celebration with Ferrero Rocher T8, a confectionery masterpiece blending hazelnuts and chocolate—an exquisite escape into the realm of sweetness and luxury.

Faces Lip Balm: Enrich her day with Faces Canada Lip Balm (4.8g) - assorted flavors. This duo adds a touch of glamour, ensuring her lips stay hydrated, luscious, and irresistibly beautiful.

Satin Scrunchies set of 2: Enhance her style with two playful Scrunchies—an accessory keeping her hair in place and adding a fashionable touch, reflecting her unique personality.

TWC Set of 4 Perfumes: Complete the sensory journey with the TWC Set of 4 Perfumes. Each bottle encapsulates a distinct fragrance, mirroring the diverse facets of her personality, ensuring a symphony of scents matching her every mood. 

Packaging: All the products come in a hard-bound gift box.

Additional Options: Add a gift/message card along with a hamper (message will be printed on backside of the gift card)

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 hamper
Price: Rs.1892 per hamper
Number of items: 6 items in hamper