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Ignite the festivities with our Choco Delights Hamper – a token of appreciation and celebration for your esteemed employees. From the Loyka Almond Chocolate Cookies, where almonds and chocolate unite in perfect harmony, to the vibrant tang of Happilo's Californian Premium Sweet Dried Sliced Cranberries, each item exudes thoughtfulness. The D Kokola Majorico Wafer Roll-Cappu. introduces a delightful cappuccino-infused crunch, while The Gourmet Jar Wholegrain Mustard adds a zesty twist to culinary endeavors. Discover indulgence in the Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Cracker, a marriage of crispy wafers and sumptuous chocolate cream. The SOLH Assorted Cold Coffee Pack redefines refreshment with its ready-to-drink coffee delights, while The Gourmet Jar Red Pepper Pesto adds depth to culinary creations. SEL Almond Vanilla Crunch offers a wholesome crunch, and Sweetish House Mafia Chocolate Chips provide bites of chocolate euphoria. The grand finale comes with the Happy Jar Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, a velvety blend of chocolate and hazelnut. This Choco Delights Hamper is a heartfelt expression of gratitude and a splendid gift hamper that encapsulates joy and flavor in every bite.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 hampers
Price: Rs.2520 per hamper
Number of items: 13 items in hamper
Shelf Life: 1 month
Packaging: Square Gift Box - Dark Blue, Dimensions (L x W x H): 12 x 16 X 3 inches
Additional Options: Add a gift/message card along with a hamper, Ship to multiple locations

100% Veg

Hamper Contents:

  1. Loyka Almond Chocolate Cookies Box 12 pcs, Brand: Loyka, Weight: 180 grams
  2. SEL Almond Vanilla Crunch, Brand: Epiphany, Weight: 85 grams
  3. SOLH Assorted Cold Coffee Pack of 4, Brand: SOLH, Weight: 200 ml each
  4. Flavors: Classic, Mocha, Frappe (02 qty), Ready to Drink
  5. Sweetish House Mafia Chocolate Chips, Brand: Sweetish House Mafia, Weight: 165 grams
  6. Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Cracker, Brand: Loacker, Weight: 125 grams
  7. The Gourmet Jar Wholegrain Mustard, Brand: The Gourmet Jar, Weight: 170 grams
  8. The Gourmet Jar Red Pepper Pesto, Brand: The Gourmet Jar, Weight: 190 grams
  9. Happy Jars Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Brand: Happy Jar, Weight: 265 grams
  10. Happilo Californian Premium Sweet Dried Sliced Cranberries, Brand: Happilo, Weight: 200 grams
  11. Kokola Majorico Wafer Roll Cappuccino, Brand: D Kokola, Weight: 120 grams