Lunchtime is a major part of our day. Especially for those who pack their lunches and have it outside. That’s why we need a lunch box that makes your lunchtime relaxing and enjoyable, a lunch box that is delightful to own and convenient to use. Even adults need their share of style and fun. That is why we have specially designed tiffin box for office, lunch box bag for the office also lunch bags for office, you can take your pick.

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Often we need our lunch boxes to match our style. Only then are we able to really own it. That is why we have specially designed girls lunch box and tiffin box for kids.

This way you will find your perfect tiffin bag and tiffin box online. You can get many lunch bags online, but the ones that are available with our glass tiffin box are truly efficient in every way and will ensure you have a hot tiffin box waiting for you at lunchtime.

Capacity: 310 mL (Set of 3)
Branding area: 2.5 (W) x 1 (H) inches
Personalisation type: Fusing



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 07 Days