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Unveil a unique onboarding experience with our Welcome Kit, meticulously crafted for comfort and sophistication. Every item in this collection is chosen to ensure that new employees feel truly special as they start their journey with us.

Inside the Kit:

  • Soel Seed Pens - Set of 5: Embrace sustainability with a set of 5 eco-friendly pens that can be planted to grow into plants.
  • ECO NOTES - Premium Eco-Friendly Notebook: Go green with a high-quality eco-friendly notebook.
  • Soft Felt White Laptop Sleeve: Protect your laptop with style using this soft felt laptop sleeve.
  • Wooden Mug with Handle: Elevate your sipping experience with a wooden mug featuring a comfortable handle.
  • Bamboo Mobile & Desk Organizer: Stay organized with an elegant bamboo mobile and desk organizer.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kit
Price: Rs.1435 per kit
Number of items: 5 items in a Kit
Packaging: You have 3 packaging options:
- No packaging : All items shipped loose in standard ecommerce packaging
- Corrugated Box : All items packed in a single brown box
Additional Options: You have several additional options:
- Company Logo : All items in the kit (except the outer box) will be customised with your company logo.
- You can add a free welcome letter to welcome your employee
- You can ship to multiple locations

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