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Experience the holiday spirit with the Snacker's Dream Collection - a flavorful adventure full of surprises, from savory delights to healthy options. It's the perfect gift to add fun and togetherness to your festive employee celebrations.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 hampers
Price: Rs.3129 per hamper
Number of items: 19 items in hamper
Shelf Life: 1 month
Packaging: Wooden Tray - Large, Dimensions (L x W x H): 14 x 16 x 3 inches
Additional Options: Add a gift/message card along with a hamper, Ship to multiple locations
100% Veg

1.Makino Corn Munch Red Chilli Chatka, Brand: Makino, Weight: 150 grams
2.Makino Nacho Chips Cheese, Brand: Makino, Weight: 60 grams
3.SOLH Assorted Cold Coffee Pack of 4, Brand: SOLH, Weight: 200 ml each
Flavors: Classic, Mocha, Frappe (02 qty)Ready to Drink
4.Sweetish House Mafia Chocolate Chips, Brand: Sweetish House Mafia, Weight: 165 grams
5.The Gourmet Tomato Garlic Spread, Brand: The Gourmet Jar, Weight: 190 grams
6.Lotus Biscoff Cookies, Brand: Lotus, Weight: 124 grams
7.Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Cracker, Brand: Loacker, Weight: 125 grams
8.Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Cracker, Brand: Loacker, Weight: 250 grams
9.Hersheys Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar, Brand: Hersheys, Weight: 40 grams
10.Flax Seed Crackers, Brand: Urban Mom, Weight: 100 grams
11.Bean To Berries Chocolate Coated Blueberries, Brand: Bean to Berries, Weight: 80 grams
12.4700 BC Microwave Popcorn Caramel, Brand: 4700 BC, Weight: 294 grams
13.White Choco Cashew and Choco Almond Nutty Cookies, Brand: Open Secret, Weight: 75 gramsQuantity: Each 1 packet
14.Un-Junked Chocolate Bars, Brand: Open Secret, Weight: 62 grams
Quantity: Each 2 packet