What do you do when your colouring pencils get too short to be used? You obviously throw it away. Wait, what if we tell you that every time a pencil becomes too short, you could sprout it into a plant? Yes! With our plantable seed pencils, you can now contribute towards a greener and a better world. These colouring pencils have seeds attached at the bottom edge of the pencil which can be easily planted. All you need to do is just put the coloured pencil’s bottom edge into the soil with the tip facing upward and water it regularly. 

The plantable pencils are 100% eco-friendly as they are made from recycled paper waste. You can make colouring fun for your kids with these plantable seed pencils. Making these seed pencils sprout with constant care and watering is a fun activity not just for kids, but also for adults. 

These plantable coloured pencils make for a great corporate gift for enterprises which have a sustainable goal to fulfil. The businesses can even customize the colouring pencils by adding the company name on the box. Upload your own logo or design to be added on the plantable seed pencils. You can even order these plantable pencils in wholesale. Also, the online price calculator tab lets you keep a realistic check on your expenses

Branding size: 5H x 1.75W (in inches)




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